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Updated FIRE.ACE Data Protocol

  1. This protocol applies to FIRE.ACE data only until it is made publically available.

  2. FIRE.ACE Science Team members will have free and timely access to all FIRE.ACE data acquired during the Project. FIRE.ACE data will be available from the Langley DAAC; however, direct transfers of data between investigators is also encouraged.

  3. A FIRE.ACE PI may publically release his/her validated data at any time prior to general release to the public in July 2000. This release may be accomplished through the LaRC DAAC. Unvalidated FIRE.ACE data will be included in the LaRC DAAC only for access by FIRE.ACE Science Team members.

  4. FIRE.ACE Science Team members who collect data are responsible for the reduction, validation, analysis, interpretation, archival, release to users and publication of their data and research results. FIRE.ACE data will be placed in the LaRC DAAC as soon as it is released to a non-Team member, or sooner. Release to a non-Team member prior to the general public release in July 2000, will be decided by the PI. The LaRC DAAC will provide validated data to non-Team members upon receipt of a request from the PI to the FIRE Data Archive Manager.

  5. The use of validated FIRE.ACE data by a non-Team member in any publication or presentation which appears prior to the public release of that data will include a timely offer to the PI for joint authorship.

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