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A Alam, A. A Parameterization of the Lead-Width Distribution and Surface Turbulent Heat Flux for sea ice
B Benner, T. Radiative Transfer in the Summertime Arctic
Bretherton, C. A comparison of the ECMWF forecast model with observations over the annual cycle at SHEBA
C Cripe, D. SCM analysis of SHEBA data
D Dong, X. Arctic Stratus Cloud Properties and Their Effect on the Surface radiation Budget: Selected Cases From FIRE ACE
F Fairall, C. Surface Energy Budgets and Cloud Forcing on the Arctic Ice Cap from the SHEBA Experiment
G Garrett, T. Shortwave, Single-Scattering Properties of Arctic Ice Clouds
Girard, E. Simulation of arctic low-level clouds observed during the FIRE Arctic Cloud Experiment using a new bulk microphysics scheme
Grenfell, T. The Distribution of Soot Contamination in the Vicinity of the SHEBA Ice Station and Implications for Radiative Energy Balance
Gultepe, I. Dynamical and Microphysical Characteristics of Arctic Clouds Obtained From Observations Collected During FIRE.ACE Flights Over SHEBA in April 1998
H Haggerty, J. Estimation of Microwave Surface Emissivity at SHEBA for use in Cloud Retrievals
Halle, C. Shear Variance and Associated Heat Flux in the Upper Arctic Ocean During SHEBA
Hallett, J. On the Density of Atmospheric Ice Particles
Holt, B. Satellite Analysis of the SHEBA Summer Sea Ice Cover
Hudson, J. Cloud Condensation Nuclei over the Springtime Arctic
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I Intrieri, J. Annual Cycle of Arctic Cloud Statistics from Lidar and Radar at SHEBA
J Jiang, H. Large-Eddy Simulations of Entrainment of Cloud Condensation Nuclei into the Arctic Boundary Layer: 18 May 1998 FIRE/SHEBA Case Study
K Key, J. Cloud and Surface Properties from Space During SHEBA: Validation and Analysis
L LaFontaine, F. AMPR Monitoring of Sea-Ice During FIRE-III/ACE
Lawson, R. Overview of Microphysical Properties of Summertime Boundary Layer Clouds Observed During FIRE.ACE
Light, B. Effects of Temperature on the Optical Properties of Sea Ice
Light, B. Effects of Temperature on the Microstructure of Sea Ice
M Mahesh, A. Night-Time Cloud Detection in the Arctic from AVHRR Data
Mailhot, J. Observation and Simulation of Arctic Boundary Layer Clouds Associated With a Polynya During FIRE.ACE
Makshtas, A. Experimental Investigations of Total Ozone Content and Surface Ozone Concentration During SHEBA
Maslanik, J. Surface and Cloud Conditions During SHEBA: Variability and Characteristics over the Western Arctic
Matrosov, S. Comparisons of remote and in situ measurements of ice cloud parameters during April 29, 1998 FIRE ACE case
McPhee, M. Turbulence Under Thin Ice at SHEBA
Mechem, D. Implementation of a new Microphysical Parameterization for Marine Stratocumulus Clouds in Regional Forecast Models
Minnis, P. Cloud Properties Over the Arctic During SHEBA/FIRE ACE From ATSR-2 and AVHRR Data
Moore, J. SHEBA Project Data Archive: Status and Update
Moritz, R. Standard Measurements and Standard Data Sets for SHEBA
Morrison, H. Another Look at MWR-Derived Values of Liquid Water Path During SHEBA
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Pegau, W. The Summertime Evolution of Temperature and Salinity in an Arctic Lead
Perovich, D. Observations of sea ice albedo and mass balance observations at SHEBA
Persson, O. Measurements of Processes Affecting the Surface Energy Budget Components at SHEBA
Pilewskie, P. The Solar Radiative Energy Budget in the Arctic
Pinto, J. Characteristics and atmospheric footprint of springtime freezing leads at SHEBA
Pope, S. Measured and Modeled Radiometric Fluxes in the Arctic During FIRE-ACE
R Richter-Menge, J. The Impact of Summer Ice Dynamics on the Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean
Rogers, D. Airborne Measurements of Atmospheric Ice Nuclei in the Arctic
Rozwadowska, A. Plane parallel biases for atmospheric reflectance and transmittance in the Arctic
S Shupe, M. Cloud Water Contents and Hydrometeor Sizes During the FIRE-Arctic Clouds Experiment
Spangenberg, D. Cloud Radiative Forcing From AVHRR Data Over the Arctic During FIRE ACE
Stern, H. Ice Motion and Deformation in the SHEBA Region: Images, Data Sets, and Results from RADARSAT SAR
Stern, H. RADARSAT SAR Images of SHEBA and Derived Products
Sun, W-Y. Numerical Study for SHEBA in November and December of 1997
T Tschudi, M. Characterization of Leads at SHEBA Derived From Passive Microwave Observations
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U Uttal, T. Interpretation of Radar and Lidar Cloud Data Sets during SHEBA - Beware of Remote Sensors Bearing Gifts
W Wang, J. Cirrus Cloud Observations by the Millimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer During FIRE-ACE
Wang, Q. Clouds and Turbulence in the Arctic Autumnal Boundary Layers
Wang, S. Interactions Among Longwave Radiation of Clouds, Turbulence and Snow Surface Temperature in the Arctic: A Model Sensitivity Study
Wylie, D. Comparison of Wind Trajectories, Cloud Frequency, and Weather During the FIRE/ACE Flights to Climatologies
X Xiong, X. Validation of AVHRR Cloud Retrievals with ARM NSA and SHEBA Data
Z Zhang, Q. Modeling the Structure of an Arctic Stable Cloudy Boundary Layer Using a Large Eddy Simulation Model
Zhang, Y. Preliminary Calculation of Radiative Flux for SHEBA using Observed Detailed Cloud Information and New NASA GISS Model
Zulauf, M. Two-Dimensional Cloud Resolving Modeling of Arctic Leads Based Upon Mid-Winter SHEBA Conditions

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