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MISR Regional SAMUM Products

MISR project.

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There are currently three types of MISR Regional products: Radiance, Aerosol, and Land Surface. Each product summarizes selected parameters from one Level 1 or Level 2 product.

Further information about the Level 1 and Level 2 data products can be found on the MISR SAMUM data table, and by consulting the Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents.

Before using MISR Data products, please read the documentation including Data Quality and Versioning statements available from the MISR SAMUM data table.

Images available on this web site include the following parameters:

Image Description
Component Global Georectified Radiance Product (CGGRP):
Parameter Definition Sample
Radiance Radiance data for 4 bands and 9 view angles (details on the MISR instrument).

Summary of Level 1 TERRAIN (land) and ELLIPSOID (ocean), Radiance/RQI field.

Rad Example.
Component Global Aerosol Product (CGAS):
Parameter Definition Sample
Optical Depth Aerosol Optical depth, green (558 nm) band.

Summary of Level 2 AEROSOL, RegMeanSpectralOptDepth field.

Optical Depth Example.
Component Global Land Surface Product (CGLS):
Parameter Definition Sample
DHR Directional Hemispheric Reflectance (DHR). Spectral albedo of the surface in the absence of the atmosphere. Also known as "black sky" albedo.

Summary of Level 2 LAND, LandDHR field.

DHR Example.
DHRPAR DHR integrated over the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) band.

Summary of Level 2 LAND, DHRPAR field.

DHRPAR Example.
DHRSW DHR for a broad shortwave band (400-2500 nm), approximated from visible bands.

Derived from a linear combination of MISR bands found in the Level 2 LAND, DHR field. Weiss et al.1

DHRSW Example.
FPAR Fractional absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPAR). Defined as PAR irradiance absorbed by live vegetation divided by incident PAR irradiance.

Summary of Level 2 LAND, FPARBestEstimate field.

FPAR Example.
LAI Leaf Area Index (LAI).

Summary of Level 2 LAND, LAIBestEstimate.

LAI Example.
NDVI Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).

Summary of Level 2 LAND, NDVI field.

NDVI Example.

1. Weiss M, Baret F, Leroy M, Begue A, Hautecoeur O, Santer R, "Hemispherical reflectance and albedo estimates from the accumulation of across-track sun-synchronous satellite data," J. Geophysical Res. - Atmospheres, 104 (D18) 22221-22232, September 27, 1999.

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