A new POWER home page with enhanced responsive GIS-enabled web data services and mapping capabilities replaced the SSE site on June 13, 2018. This current set of SSE web applications and website is no longer accessible. The new POWER will include improved solar and meteorological data with all parameters available on a 0.5-degree global grid. The new home page, featuring the updated parameters, schedule updates and FAQ, can be accessed at POWER.

Please direct any questions to POWER Project Team. You will now be redirected to the new POWER site.

NASA Surface meteorology and Solar Energy: HOMER Data
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To access data for HOMER:

Enter BOTH latitude and longitude either in decimal
degrees or degrees and minutes separated by a space.
Example: Latitude 33.5
Longitude -80.75
OR Latitude 33 30
Longitude -80 45
South:   -90 to 0 North:   0 to 90
West:   -180 to 0 East:   0 to 180
This form is "Reset" if the input is out of range.

The following options will be deployed in a future version of HOMER.
They can be previewed on the SSE web site.
Choose a parameter:
This form is "Reset" if the input is out of range.

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