A new POWER home page with enhanced responsive GIS-enabled web data services and mapping capabilities will soon replace the current SSE home page with a target date of June 13, 2018. This current set of SSE web applications and website will no longer be accessible after that date. The new POWER will include improved solar and meteorological data with all parameters available on a 0.5-degree global grid. The beta version of the new home page, featuring the updated parameters, schedule updates and FAQ, can be accessed at POWER. Please direct any questions to POWER Project Team.

Surface meteorology and Solar Energy
ASDC picture/link Surface meteorology and Solar Energy
A renewable energy resource web site   (release 6.0)
sponsored by NASA's Applied Science Program in the Science Mission Directorate
developed by POWER: Prediction of Worldwide Energy Resource Project
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  • over 200 satellite-derived meteorology and solar energy parameters
  • monthly averaged from 22 years of data
  • data tables for a particular location
  • GIS Web Mapping Application & Services
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  Data Retrieval:
Meteorology and Solar Energy Meteorology and
  Solar Energy  

  • Data tables for a particular location
    Tables of all SSE data set parameters for a single site.
  • Regional data subsets
    Subsets of data by region.
  • Daily data
    Time series plots and data lists of Insolation and Air Temperature for a single site.
  • Global data sets
    Text files of monthly averaged data for the entire globe. Some annual averages or annual sums are included.
  • Interannual Variability
    Monthly and annual averages by year and for a series of years.
    Web Mapping GIS Web Mapping Application & Services
    Renewable Software Application Inputs Renewable Software
    Application Inputs

      Supporting Documentation:
    Acknowledgement Acknowledgement for data usage
    Geometry Horizontal Grid for
    Input and Output
    Accuracy Accuracy
    Methodology Methodology
    Parameters Parameters (Units & Definition)
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