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  • over 200 satellite-derived meteorology and solar energy parameters
  • monthly averaged from 22 years of data
  • data tables for a particular location
  • GIS Web Mapping Application & Services
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  Data Retrieval:
Meteorology and Solar Energy Meteorology and
  Solar Energy  

  • Data tables for a particular location
    Tables of all SSE data set parameters for a single site.
  • Regional data subsets
    Subsets of data by region.
  • Daily data
    Time series plots and data lists of Insolation and Air Temperature for a single site.
  • Global data sets
    Text files of monthly averaged data for the entire globe. Some annual averages or annual sums are included.
  • Interannual Variability
    Monthly and annual averages by year and for a series of years.
    Web Mapping GIS Web Mapping Application & Services
    Renewable Software Application Inputs Renewable Software
    Application Inputs

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