Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

How are MISR science data products generated?

MISR data products are grouped into three processing Levels. Level 1 processing provides corrected (or calibrated) instrument data. These data are processed and calibrated to remove many of the instrument effects. The resulting products thus contain minimal instrument or spacecraft artifacts and are most suitable for subsequent scientific derivations. Level 2 processing provides retrieval of derived scientific quantities, such as atmospheric aerosol and cloud measurements. Level 3 processing produces global grids of various parameter elements from the Level 2 products. These global grids are produced daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. More detailed descriptions about each of these processing levels can be found in the MISR Project Guide. The MISR data products by processing level are available.