Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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How do I find the solar and view geometry for any SOM grid sample in the L1B2 products?

The Geometric Parameters files (file names containing "GP_GMP") contain, within each SOM block, solar zenith angle, solar azimuth angle, and view zenith angle and view azimuth angle for each of the 9 cameras. The geometry is established by the MISR camera views, the Sun, and the Terra orbit. To conserve data volume, these parameters are provided on a 17.6-km grid, so you will find the data blocks to be dimensioned 32x8. To get values at 1.1 km or 275 m, you can either interpolate these arrays, or, since the geometric parameters vary slowly spatially, the nearest neighbor should provide sufficient accuracy for most applications. Solar zenith and azimuth are also included in L1B2 file version 16 and later.