Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

TES Level 3

  • The objective of TES SDP L3 subsystem is to interpolate the L2 atmospheric profiles collected in a Global Survey onto a global grid uniform in latitude and longitude that will provide a 3-D representation of the distribution of atmospheric gasses. The L3 standard data products are composed of L3 HDF-EOS grid data.
  • The L3 standard product files are implemented using the HDF-EOS 5 file format. HDF-EOS 5 files have a default extension of ".he5". The ECS Local Granule ID (filename) for a L3 standard product is constructed using the following template:

    File Type File Name Convention
    daily TES-Aura_L3-<species>_<run id>_<version id>.he5
    8-day TES-Aura_L3-<species>-8D<year><doy>_<version id>.he5
    monthly TES-Aura_L3-<species>-M<year><month>_<version id>.he5
    Notation Format Description
    <doy> dddd <doy>: first day of the 8-day period
    d : day of year format placeholder
    ddd : 3-digit number representing day of year
    <month> mmm m : month format placeholder
    mm : 2-digit number representing month
    <run id> rnnnnnnnnnn r : Run ID format placeholder
    nnnnnnnnnn : string representing 10-digit Run ID
    <version id> Fff_cc F : File format placeholder
    ff : 2-digit version number reflecting file format changes
    cc : 2-digit version number reflecting content changes
    <year> yyyy yyyy: 4-digit number representing year