Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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Which CERES product should I use?

Products Usage Suggestions
CRS Consistent flux and cloud properties.
EBAF Best estimate (net-balanced) TOA fluxes. Evaluation of climate model and energy budget.
ERBE-like Compares original ERBE(1985 - 1989) fluxes with CERES. No CERES algorithm improvements.
FLASHFLUX Quicklook near real-time.
ISCCP-D2like Monthly cloud properties in a similar format to ISCCP.
SSF Instantaneous footprint radiances, fluxes and MODIS clouds.
TOA fluxes and clouds to compare with A-train (Aqua) products.
TOA fluxes for long term climate trend evaluation, use SSF with associated cloud and aerosol properties.
SSF/SYN1deg-lite 10 year dataset (2000 - 2010) with an abbreviated parameter list and the latest CERES instrument calibration.
SYN Best estimate surface fluxes.
Instantaneous footprint level.