Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

Which MISR product types are customizable?

Subsetting / reformatting is available for MISR Level 1 and Level 2 Standard Data Products. The product maturity designations and quality statements of the original products are applicable to the subsetted / reformatted products. However, some of the transformations executed by the MISR Order and Customization Tool may affect data content. The following products may be customized:

  • MIANCAGP - MISR Ancillary Geographic Product
  • MIB2GEOP - MISR Level-1B2 Geometric Parameters
  • MIRCCM - MISR Level-1B2 Radiometric Camera-by-camera Cloud Mask
  • MI1B2E - MISR Level-1B2 Global Mode Ellipsoid-projected Radiance
  • MI1B2T - MISR Level-1B2 Global Mode Terrain-projected Radiance
  • MB2LME - MISR Level-1B2 Local Mode Ellipsoid-projected Radiance
  • MB2LMT - MISR Level-1B2 Local Mode Terrain-projected Radiance
  • MIL2TCCL - MISR Level-2 TOA/Cloud Classifiers Parameters
  • MIL2TCAL - MISR Level-2 TOA/Cloud Albedo Parameters
  • MIL2TCST - MISR Level-2 TOA/Cloud Stereo Parameters
  • MIL2ASAE - MISR Level-2 Aerosol Parameters
  • MIL2ASLS - MISR Level-2 Land Surface Parameters