Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

Data Pool

ASDC Data Pool

Notice:  • Access to the Data Pool is suspended during weekly maintenance  • Availability of data products are subject to change   Read More

The Data Pool is an on-line data cache that provides FTP access to select ASDC data products. Specially subsetted and/or reformatted MISR data products supporting field campaigns are also available. Data files are stored in directories based on data product and acquisition date.   Read More


The Data Pool anonymous ftp server l5eil01 transitioned to l5ftl01 on March 8, 2017. Please make any necessary script updates and replace l5eil01 in any links or bookmarks with the new server name. MISR NRT data will remain on l5eil01 and can only be accessed through http Earthdata authentication.


The ASDC ECS Data Pool application for both FTP and OPeNDAP access will be disabled by April 30, 2020. These data products are available through the new Direct Data Download (DDD) and OPeNDAP applications. Please begin to familiarize yourself with these applications and update your scripts, links and bookmarks. Issues and concerns should be sent directly to our User Services Team:



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