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CALIPSO IIR V4.20 L2 Product Release Announcement

CALIPSO IIR V4.20 L2 Product Release Announcement

Thursday, April 30, 2020
The Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) at NASA Langley Research Center in collaboration with the CALIPSO mission team announces the release of a new version of the CALIPSO IIR level 2 Track and Swath products.


The V4.20 IIR Level 2 track and swath data products are the first major revision to the products since Version 3 released in May 2011. They are named after the V4.20 CALIOP 5-km cloud and aerosol layer data products, which are used in synergy with the IIR calibrated radiances reported in the V2.00 IIR Level 1 data product. The V4.20 IIR level 2 data products include a refined CALIOP-based scene classification, an updated radiative transfer model analysis for clear air reference, improved optical and microphysical properties of ice and water clouds, both over ocean and over land, in particular for thin clouds and for multi-layered cloud systems.


The products released are available on the new site: