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CERES EBAF Surface Ed4.0 Release Announcement

CERES EBAF Surface Ed4.0 Release Announcement

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dear EBAF Data Product User,


The CERES team announces the release of Edition 4.0 of the Energy Balanced and Filled (EBAF) Suface data product. EBAF-Surface Ed4.0 leverages off of the many algorithm improvements that have been made in the Edition 4 suite of CERES Level 1 - 3 data products. Surface fluxes included in Ed4 EBAF-Surface are consistent with top-of-atmosphere fluxes included in the Ed4 EBAF-TOA data product that was released earlier this year.


This initial release covers the period March 2000 - February 2016.  Additional months will become available as they are processed.


Access and order data at CERES EBAF-Surace Ed4.0 Data and Information.
For additional information, please reference the CERES EBAF Ed4.0 Data Quality Summary.