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MISR Aoba Volcano Plume

MISR Aoba Volcano Plume


MISR Aoba Volcanic Plume

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The Aoba volcano located on Ambae, one of the Vanuatu Island chain in the SW Pacific, began showing heightened activity on August 30, 2017. This image shows a Terra/MODIS image from Worldview taken March 15, 2018 of a Multi-Angle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR) observed plume reaching ~5km. Accurate plume heights are needed to determine the influence of volcanic eruptions, but are difficult to obtain due to the hazardous nature of volcanic eruptions. Stereo images from NASA's MISR make it possible to retrieve plume height in ongoing eruptions using parallax. View the MISR Active Aerosol Plume-Height (AAP) Project paper to see peak altitude and settling differences  in a nearby plume emitted by the Ambrym Volcano located south of the Aoba Volcano.


Access Project Paper: Aoba Plume observed March 15
Image/Article Credit: V. Flower, R. Kahn/NASA GSFC


Access Project Updates for Aoba July 21 & 23 and the Ambrym Plume on July 30
Image/Article Credit: V. Flower, R. Kahn, J. Limbacher/NASA GSFC


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