Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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ARB 48-inch LIDAR Data and Information


ARB 48-inch LIDAR Data and Information

A ground-based 48-inch LIDAR system has been obtaining semi-regular measurements since May 1974. These high resolution vertical measurements have resulted in a valuable long-term record of the mid-latitude upper tropospheric and stratospheric aerosol. These data have been used in scientific studies such as in studies of volcanic eruptions and in comparisons with satellite data.

Ground Station
Spatial Coverage: 

37.1N Lat, 76.3W Long

Spatial Resolution: 

.15 km altitude

Temporal Coverage: 

06/14/1982 - 12/04/2001

Temporal Resolution: 

1 minute

File Format: 

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Integrated Backscatter

Integrated Backscatter
Aerosol Backscattering Coeff
Scattering Ratio

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