Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

  CALIPSO LIDAR L1.5 Standard V1.00 Release Announcement

CALIPSO L2 Aerosol Profile Legacy Data

Aerosol Profile Legacy Data Products

Aerosol profile data using the CALIPSO Lidar Ratio selection algorithm 

NOTE: The CALIPSO datasets listed on this page were created using earlier versions of the CALIPSO algorithms and data processing software, and do not represent the most current product maturity. The newer versions now available contain numerous updates, improvements and bug fixes. As such, use of these legacy dataset for research and publication purposes is highly discouraged.
Products Temporal Reolution Spatial Resolution Temporal Coverage

Version 4.10, Standard

5.92 seconds

5 km

06/13/2006 - 05/31/2018

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