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Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

CLAMS Data and Information

CLAMS Data and Information

The Chesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites (CLAMS) field campaign was conducted from NASA Wallops Flight Facility covering the middle Atlantic eastern seaboard from July 10 - August 3, 2001. CLAMS is an experiment designed to validate and improve EOS Terra satellite data products derived from three sensors: CERES, MISR, and MODIS.

Products Temporal Resolution Spatial Resolution Temporal Coverage

40.8 microseconds

  • L1B1: 7 m at nadir, 30 m at 70.5 degrees
  • L1B2: 27.5 m

07/12,17, 08/01,02/2001