Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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INTEX-B Data Merge for DC-8 and C-130

Data Merge for DC-8 and C-130

Project Title: 
NASA DC-8 and NASA C-130
Spatial Coverage: 

(-90, 90)(-180,180)

Temporal Coverage: 

03/04/2006 - 05/15/2006

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Data Merge for DC-8 and C-130 Parameters

All species/parameters merged to:

  • 1 minute timeline
  • Bulk ionic composition aerosol sample time base
  • Nitric Acid sample time base
  • Halocarbon sample time base
  • Total Gaseous Mercury sample time base


All species/parameters merged to:

  • 1 second timeline
  • 10 second timeline
  • 1 minute timeline
  • Halocarbon sample time base
  • Hydrogen Peroxide sample time base
  • Trace Organic Gases sample time base

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