Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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MISR L2 Cloud Product

Level 2TC Cloud Products

The MISR Level 2 Products are geophysical measurements derived from the Level 1B2 data. The Top-of-Atmosphere (TOA)/Cloud Products contain measurements of TOA bidirectional reflectance factors, stereoscopically-derived cloud and land (reflecting level) elevation, cloud fraction, cloud texture, and other related parameters. The Level 2 Aerosol/Surface Product includes a range of parameters such as tropospheric aerosol optical depth; aerosol composition and size; surface directional reflectance factors and bi-hemispherical reflectance; and other related parameters. The Level 2 products are in swaths, each derived from a single MISR orbit, where the imagery is 380 km wide and approximately 20,000 km long.

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MISR Level 2TC Cloud Products

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1 orbit (98.88 minutes)


2/29/2000 - Present

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