Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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Joint Aerosol Product (JOINT_AS)

The MISR Level 3 Products are global or regional maps of select parameters from the Level 2 products and associated covariances reported on various geographic grids depending on the data product. Parameters from multiple orbits are combined to make complete Level 3 global maps at daily (D), monthly (M), quarterly (Q), and yearly (Y) time scales and regional maps associated with field campaigns at daily and monthly time scales.

The Joint Aerosol product provides a monthly global statistical summary of MISR Level 2 aerosol optical depth retrievals on a 5 degree geographic grid.

Products Temporal Resolution Spatial Resolution Temporal Coverage

Stage 3 Validated, 1 file containing all grids Information icon


5° x 5° grid

03/01/2000 - 05/31/2017

MISR read software is product dependent. If read software is available, a "read software" tab will appear on the product landing page.