Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

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  MISR INteractive eXplorer (MINX) V4.1 Release

MISR Level 2 TOA/Cloud Versioning


MISR Level 2 TOA/Cloud Versioning

MISR Level 2 Top of Atmosphere/Cloud Albedo Product

ESDT Product File Name Prefix Current Quality Designations
  • Stage 3 Validated: BRFs at Reflecting Level, Texture Indices
  • Stage 1 Validated: Local, Restrictive and Expansive Albedos (Narrowband and Broadband)


Ver. # Production
Start Date
Product Updates Quality Transition
12/01/2007 Data Product Specification Rev Q (PDF).

The entire mission is being reprocessed at this level.
Software has been ported over to Linux.
The Broadband Albedos have been fixed.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_TASC_<month>_<year>_F02_04.hdf (starting November 01 2009)
  • MISR_AM1_CSSC_F02_06.hdf
  • Stage 3 Validated: BRFs at RLRA, Texture Indices
  • Stage 1 Validated: Broadband Albedos
F05_0010 06/01/2007 Data Product Specification Rev P (PDF).

This version marks the beginning of FIRSTLOOK vs. FINAL processing.
Software failures with previous version (due to floating-point round-off in TASC indexing) corrected. Minimal change in science results from version F05_0009. 
The Broadband Albedos are incorrect and should not be used!

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_PGE8C_PCS_CONFIG_F02_0006.txt
  • MISR_AM1_TASC_<month>_<year>_F02_03.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ADMCERES_F01_0001.hdf
F05_0009 06/01/2007 Data Product Specification Rev O (PDF).

This version marks the beginning of FIRSTLOOK vs. FINAL processing.
Clear-Sky albedos are now calculated using CERES' Angular Distribution Models.
LocalAlbedoBroadband was added to the product.
The Broadband Albedos are incorrect and should not be used!.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_PGE8C_PCS_CONFIG_F02_0006.txt
  • MISR_AM1_TASC_<month>__<year>_F02_03.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ADMCERES_F01_0001.hdf
F04_0008 02/21/2006 Data Product Specification Rev N (PDF).

Errors in TC_STEREO data corrected.

F04_0007 12/01/2005 All version F04_0007 files covering orbits 31669 to 32870 have been affected by errors in the TC_STEREO data. See Quality Statement for details. 
Use with caution!
F04_0007 11/28/2004 Data Product Specification Rev L (PDF).

Broadband albedos implemented. Grey level difference vectors now properly normalized.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_TC_AL_SCI_CONFIG_F05_0007.txt
  • MISR_AM1_PGE8C_PCS_CONFIG_F02_0005.txt
  • MISR_AM1_CSSC_F01_04.hdf
  • Provisional: Broadband albedos
F03_0006 02/04/2004 Data Product Specification Rev J (PDF).

Radiometric errors corrected.

F03_0005 12/08/2003

All version F03_0005 files covering orbits 15707-16930 and 21023-21823 were removed from the archive because they were processed with radiometric errors.
Do not use!

F03_0005 08/13/2003 Data Product Specification Rev J (PDF).

Grey-Level Difference Vectors implemented. Block Center Times for AN camera added to product. New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_TC_AL_SCI_CONFIG_F04_0006.txt
  • Stage 1 Validated: Texture Indices
F02_0004 11/12/2002 Data Product Specification Rev G (PDF).

Restrictive and Expansive albedos turned back on. Reflecting Level Parameters use new backwards projection algorithm. WithoutWinds version of RLRA and StereoHeight data used in albedo calculation. Level 1 Orbit-QA flag added to file.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_TC_AL_SCI_CONFIG_F03_0004.txt
  • Stage 1 Validated: All Albedos (except at high latitudes), BRF's registered to RLRA
F01_0003 04/15/2002

No software change. The quality designation of some of the Albedo fields was changed as a result of improvements in the quality of the Stereo Heights input.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_TC_AL_SCI_CONFIG_F02_0003.txt
  • Provisional: Local Albedo

Initial baseline for Level 2 TC Albedo public release. Includes only Local Albedo portion of the product at this time.

Baseline ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_ARP_INFLTCAL_T009_F02_0001.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ARP_CONFIG_F02_0002.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ARP_PRFLTCAL_F02_0004.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ARP_PRFLTCHAR_F02_0002.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_AGP_Pxxx_F01_24.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_CSSC_T001_F01_03.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_AZM_F01_01.hdf
  • Beta: all parameters