Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

Processing, archiving and distributing Earth science data
at the NASA Langley Research Center

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MOPITT Featured Articles


Unexpected slowdown of US pollutant emission reduction in the past decade - Ground and satellite observations show that air pollution regulations in the United States (US) have resulted in substantial reductions in emissions and corresponding improvements in air quality over the last several decades.

Fourteen Years of Carbon Monoxide from MOPITT : Image of the Day - Concentrations of the gas, which is produced by burning carbon-based fuels, have decreased since 2000.

Nature's Contribution Researchers investigate how much wildfires contribute to pollution, and how far this pollution can travel.

Fires and Thick Smoke over South America : Natural Hazards - Places where MOPITT could not collect enough data to make an estimate of carbon monoxide (probably due to clouds) are gray.

MOPITT Views North America : Image of the Day - Measurement of Pollution in the Troposphere, MOPITT, measures two important pollutants in the Earth’s atmosphere—carbon monoxide (CO) and methane.

MOPITT First Light Image : Image of the Day - MOPITT measures radiances in several channels to determine the amount of carbon monoxide (CO) and methane in the atmosphere.

MOPITT Views Carbon Monoxide Concentration : Image of the Day - During the time these data were collected by MOPITT, there were widespread wildfires across Montana and Idaho.

Carbon Monoxide from Tropical Fires : Natural Hazards - The Terra MOPITT sensor observed large plumes of carbon monoxide produced by biomass burning in South America and Africa in early August 2004.

Bushfires Raging in Southeast Australia : Natural Hazards -  Data taken by the Measurements Of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) instrument aboard NASA’s Terra satellite have been combined for 6 days from January 15-20, 2003.

Longstanding Carbon-Monoxide Measuring Instrument MOPITT Celebrated -  MOPITT’s 17 years of continuous data provide the most comprehensive direct measurements of this air pollutant, which has truly unlocked a pathway for groundbreaking studies of air pollution transport and atmospheric chemical processes.