Solar radiation enters the Earth's atmosphere with a portion being scattered by clouds and aerosols.

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REL3.1 G4TskinOnly LW 3HRLY

REL3.1 G4TskinOnly LW 3HRLY

Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) Release 3.1 GEWEX Longwave GOES-4_Tskin-only 3 hourly Data in Native grid binary format


Project Title: 
Spatial Coverage: 

(-90, 90)(-180,180)

Spatial Resolution: 

1° quasi equal-area grid convertible to 1° x 1°

Temporal Coverage: 

01/01/1998 - 12/31/2007

Temporal Resolution: 

3-hourly UTC

File Format: 

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Clear-sky Surface Downward Flux
All-sky Surface Downward Flux
Clear-sky Top of Atmosphere Upward Flux
Outgoing Longwave Radiation
Clear-sky Surface Upward Flux
All-sky Surface Upward Flux
Day/night flag

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To cite the data in publications:
SRB Science Team (2013), SRB Data, Hampton, VA, USA: NASA Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC), Accessed <author citing data inserts date here> at doi: 10.5067/SRB/REL3.1_G4TskinOnly_LW_3HRLY_L2